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A call for help came from an international manufacturer saying that employees in one of their cost centers had the worst attitudes in the company.  And so the adventure began.  Our principal, Jim Park, was dispatched to the client's site to gain a better understanding of the problem.  During discovery interviews Jim learned that cost center employees had a low level of trust in senior management, relationships with direct supervisors were inconsistent and working with other departments was a challenge.  All in all not a good situation.

APA conducted an intensive need assessment involving employees, supervisors, managers and senior leadership.  Interviews and focus groups were held and results were thoroughly analyzed.  Five specific areas for improvement were identified.  The areas were Leadership, Processes, Trust, Senior Management and Strategic Vision.  Working closely with the senior management team a plan was developed to address each issue.  One high profile opportunity presented itself that would help place focus on all five areas.  Over the ensuing nine months several key processes were analyzed and improved, several interdepartmental task forces were engaged to address cross functional performance challenges which resulted in improved working relations between departments.  When a survey was conducted to assess progress the key areas that had been identified as problems were resolved and employees felt more empowered to solve problems than ever before.  It just goes to show when you identify the right problem, put resources to work that are empowered to fix things good results are the outcome.


A sales group responsible for processing orders had a goal to complete and deliver product orders within 40 days.  The real time deliver was 65 days and growing. APA was brought in to help identify why it was taking so long.

Working with the sales order team the sales order process was analyzed thoroughly and we found several redundant decision points that were causing delays by recycling sales orders needlessly adding days to the sales order process.  We also found several interpersonal issues between team members which were contributing to poor communication and dropped responsibilities.  The sales team worked on the problem by holding focused problem solving meetings twice a week for three weeks.  Each meeting was two hours in length.  At the conclusion we implemented a revised order process, established communication protocol which minimized interpersonal conflict and resulted in reducing the through put time from 65 days to 50.  Short of the ultimate goal of 40 but well on the way to making it.  Bottom line was an improved work environment and happier clients.

These are just a couple of examples of the types of situations we get involved with.  In the course of these engagements we often will become involved in organizational restructuring, executive coaching, team building and strategic planning.  Just ask us and we'll be glad to listen to you and offer you our ideas.

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