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Jim Park, Principal

After 18 years of managing and leading in non-profits, private industry and government Jim established his own consulting practice in 1988.  Relying on his intimate knowledge of industry, government and non-management challenges he helps clients across the country increase performance, maximize leadership effectiveness and improve employee job satisfaction through his 3 "E" Performance Model.  Jim is a Master Trainer, Certified Coach and Expert Facilitator who crafts unique, innovative and high impact solutions to achieve his client's goals.  

As a training/facilitator, Jim uses experiential methods to create a learning environment for his participants so that they can apply what they learn immediately upon their return to the workplace.  Jim believes when learners are engaged in saying and doing they retain more of what they learn so they can transfer those skills to the workplace.  At the conclusion of his workshops, participants take time to develop personal action plans to sustain and build on the skills learned.

Jim has had experience being an Executive Director for non-profits, an effective and successful manager in electronics and a consultant who has guided his clients to higher levels of performance and employee job satisfaction.  Jim is a consummate professional committed to his clients success and brings all of his skill, knowledge and experience to benefit his clients.

  1. We will perform our services with integrity, honesty and professionalism.
  2. We will establish realistic expectations for our services.
  3. We will accept only assignments for which we are qualified.
  4. Before committing to any engagement the project scope, expectations and fees will be mutually agreed upon.
  5. We honor the confidentiality of our clients.
  6. We will inform our clients immediately should a conflict of interest arise.
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