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Larkspur, California 94939
Phone: 503.709.3753
Contact: Jim Park, Principal -

At Advanced Performance Associates we apply our 3 "E" model to help our clients improve performance using innovative processes and tools.  While elegantly simple, our 3 "E" model produces results in Efficiency, Effectiveness and Empowerment.

Efficiency - It's a fact!  Anyone can reach higher levels of performance.  We identify what needs to improve, design solutions that allow our clients to engage employees in developing and implementing actions plans that are practical, measurable and relevant.  We work closely with executive management to gain support, enlist employees in problem solving and communicate with stakeholders to ensure the right work is done, better.  When we finish a project our clients not only own the solution, they say "What we did was awesome, what's next?"

Effectiveness - Leadership is one of the most important elements that enable companies to achieve higher levels of success.  APA partners with our client's leadership team in assessing leadership effectiveness, identify strengths and development opportunities.  We design and deliver custom training programs that strengthen leadership skills and improve supervisor and employee interactions.  Many of our clients are involved in implementing LEAN work systems and continuous improvement methods.  In order to maximize the benefits of these systems and methods the leadership culture of a company will need to transition to a more inclusive style with employees.  our training solutions combined with structured coaching and creative company initiatives enable our clients to excel in their endeavors.

Empowerment - People are the key to success.  They know the work, have insights about ways to improve performance and are willing to contribute if given the chance.  By understanding how best to use empowerment and engaging all employees in the process companies find ways to increase productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.  Empowered employees have a stronger sense of commitment and dedication to ensure the company and all employees succeed.

Clients who have used our 3 "E" model have improved process performance, increased leadership effectiveness and reached higher levels of job satisfaction.

How do we do it?

Workshops  (always customized to meet our client's needs.
  • Advanced Leadership


  • Coaching for High Performance
    Fundamentals of Team Leadership
  • Managing Change and Transition
  • Project Management: Leading project teams
  • Systematic Problem Solving
Surveys and Assessments

  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Performance Gap Analysis
  • Change Readiness
  • Leadership Effectiveness


Continuous Improvement Projects

  • Kaizan Events


  • Process Mapping


  • Cross functional problem solving teams



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